Sunday, August 21, 2011

Best Warm Up


The morning warm-up is best done outside. If this is not possible, any space with fresh air will do. I suggest that you open the window if you are practicing inside. Wear warm and comfortable clothes and flat-soled shoes. It is best to do the warm-up before you eat breakfast. As you do the exercises, breathe easily and fully. Let the belly relax.

The morning warm-up exercises should be practiced with ease; no force, no aggression. If an exercise is painful, back off, do smaller, slower, fewer rotations or minimize the stretch. If this does not stop the pain, then discontinue that exercise for the day and move to the next. Always inhale while coming up from a head-down position, so that you don’t get dizzy.

Remember, the warm-up is meditation in motion, so attend to what you are doing, feeling the movements fully and staying conscious of your breath and alignment at all times. This aspect of concentration, of focus, is the part of the practice that takes you away from the constant mental noise of reviewing lists of things to do, things already done, or dwelling in feelings and emotions unresolved in the past or in the future. Use your morning warm-up as a break from those voices and emotions by concentrating on the sensation of the movements, the alignment of the body and the feeling of your breath.

Before you start soorya namaskaram its mandatory that you do warm up. There are few execises for warm up like stretching sideways, jogging etc. I have few stills below where you can do any four of them for 10 counts each before you start soorya namaskaram.

Jogging can also be done. You can do jogging in two ways. One is jogging by standing in the same and another one is running and doing. The most important one in standing jogging is the heel should touch the back. If you are preferring to do warm up by jogging you can do it for atleast 5 mins.

Your body needs to get warm up before doing any heavy exercise such that your body will respond to the exercise you do and will result to some extent. For any type of exercise warm up is must.

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