Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sitting Asanas


Few easy sitting asanas for thebeginners. Try any three of these daily and be in that position for few secs.

 Both standing asanas and sitting asanas can be done one after the another. For better results stay for more secs in each of them.

Standing Asanas


Some of the standing asanas are shown below. You can pick any of three asanas from them and do daily once you are done with your surya namaskar and savasana.

 The above shown are some simple standing asana to start with for the starters. There are more complicated ones too. But they can be done after you become an expert. Till then you must not try any risky ones. You have to start counting 5 secs in each position to start with. Then later based on your capability you can increase the count as well.

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