Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Irregular Periods


For people who has irregular periods, they can do the following asanas for the regular periods. Its very helpfull. Comeon girls no worries. Practice this daily atleast three times a day. Try to increase the time limit day by day on each pose to get better results. The asanas to be followed are

     - Ardha Chandrasana - half moon pose
     - Paschimottanasana - seated forward bend
     - Janu Sirshasana - Head to knee forward bend

Now lets see how each asanas must be done to avoid irregular periods.


Try to bend side ways and touch the floor with your hands. Lift your other leg and hand upwards as possible. You must do this either side and hold it for few minutes as much as possible.


Follow the two steps as shown in the picture below. Hold your breathe when you bend fully for few seconds. Repeat this step as manay times as possible.


This is somewhat similar to the above one. Only thing is you need to fold one leg and stratch the other one and need to touch the feet by bending our body. Follow up the below pose on both sides and hold as long as possible.
If you follow up the above asanas definitely you can come out of the irregular periods and you can start getting your periods regularly.

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