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Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin


Yoga helps you to attain your ideal body weight and gives you a proportionate body by removing excess weight from all body organs. It helps to improve flexibility and maintain correct posture for young looks. Detoxifying your body is most essential for beauty. Yoga improves blood circulation and helps to remove toxins from the body. Detoxification of alimentary canal through yogic kriyas helps optimum absorption of nutrients in your food. Yoga practice helps to provide nutrition at the cellular level. All the internal organs and particularly the endocrine glands get activated and their functioning is optimised.

Yoga practice helps to reduce the stress levels considerably and provides complete relaxation. Yoga asanas and pranayama makes you free from disease by strengthening the immune system. Healthy body means healthy skin.

Yoga practice can specially benefit women to retain their natural beauty while coping up with menstrual problems, child birth, work and home stress etc. Most of the film personalities around the world practice yoga for years to retain their beauty and youthfulness. Yoga helps women to stay slim and active. So, ideally start your day with yoga practice.

Are you eager to know some great tips for natural face glow, home made free remedies for glowing skin for free. Here you will come to know about how to glow face skin & face glow home remedies etc. Beauty is one of the biggest factor of your personality but if you can't afford beauty parlors, don't worry here are some good natural face glow tips for you.

First you need to have a good balance diet with vitamins and minerals and the best sources to quire natural vitamins and minerals are Fruits and vegetables. Too much sugar should be avoided. Don’t eat oily food and fast food. Try to avoid them.

Proper sleep is required for a health and healthy mind. At least 8 hours of sleep is must for you to keep your self active and fresh next day.

Drink water as much as you can minimum 10 glass water is required by the body.

Apply home made facial masks on your face which is very good to keep your face glowing naturally. 

Protect your skin from the heat of sun especially in the summer when your face requires extra care.

Do daily exercises if you don’t know any specific exercises, don’t worry just do your regular morning walk which is also very important for health.

To make you face more clean deeply take steam at least once in a weak, It helps to clean up your pores.

Laughing is one of the best exercise to keep you healthy and your face glowing and the best time for it is in the morning, so when you go for morning walk you can also laugh loudly.

These are some free tips to keep your self healthy and your face glowing.

Yogic Tips For Glowing Skin

Make water as your favourite drink. Drink plenty of water as it hydrates the skin and helps to remove toxins. It also helps to promote smooth bowel movements.
Be cheerful at all times. There is nothing better than laughter yoga in this regard.
Practice detachment and avoid excesses of food, drinks or emotions. Eat for nutrition and not for taste buds.
Follow an active and healthy lifestyle.
Clean and exfoliate your skin regularly. Use an effective moisturiser.
Get your body massaged periodically. Oil massage improves blood circulation and improves the health of the skin.
Avoid over exposure to sun. Do remember to apply your sun screen lotion.
An eight-hours sound sleep will help your body to replenish, regenerate and rejuvenate itself. Take rest at the end of the day. Do not skip sound sleep, as a restless mind often affects the overall health.

Effectiveness of yoga for beauty also depends on frequent and regular practice. Devoting about half an hour daily to yoga, can help you improve your natural beauty.

Learning all the yoga asanas or poses from a qualified teacher will be safe and beneficial.

I have seen poor girls in Indian villages who are too beautiful. They do not have access to good nutrition, any gym or a yoga class. They are happy people who earn and work and with loving families and use mustard oil or coconut oil from cooking to massage and as a hair oil. Beauty is gift of god. However, you can try yoga for beauty to improve or preserve what god has given you.

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