Friday, August 19, 2011

Eye Care by Yoga


There are actually various types of eye exercises. But the most important ones are below.

You can do the below exercises three times to complete full eye exercise. This will help to increase the blood circulation in your eyes also helps your sight to improve. Make sure you close your eyes and open whenever you start doing a fresh eye exercise like an interval.

With the below pran mudra posture on both hands, sit straight and follow the below steps.


- slowly move your eyes alone from left to right and from right to left. (3 times)
- Close your eyes and open.


- slowly move your eyes alone from top to bottom and from bottom to top. (3 times)
- Close your eyes and open.


- slowly rotate your eyes alone starting from left, top, right and bottom and reverse. (3 times)
- Close your eyes and open.


- slowly see your left bottom object and then top right object and then reverse. (3 times)
- Close your eyes and open.


- slowly see a maximum distant object and then see your nose tip and then reverse. (3 times)
- Close your eyes and open.

Finally close your eyes, rub your hands and keep on your eyes to give rest to your eyes. This is a must after eye exercise.

Next interesting eye exercise is TRATAK.


This is also an eye exercise where you have the pran mudra on both hands and make your room dark, light a candle and start focussing the flame without closing your eyes. Never mind if you get tears. This procedure should be done for atleast 5 min. Maximum its your capability. You can do it for more than 5 minutes also. First time when you do this you cannot focus at a stretch, you can close your eyes when you feel to. This is a very good exercise for eyes.

After Finishing off any eye exercise rub ur hands and keep it on your eyes you will feel very relaxed. Then you can wash your eyes with water by taking a bowl fill with water and then put your eyes inside it and rotate your eyes inside water without closing your eyes. By this way you clean your eyes after exercise.

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