Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yoga Procedure

Yoga needs to be done with following steps :

1) Put your kneels down.
2) Sit and join your hands together.
3) Tell the peace mantra and start your yoga.

Basic Procedures in YOGA:

1) Daily after prayer Early morning Breathing Exercise aslo called as pranayam.
2) Eye exercise.
3) Cooling exercise.
4) Accupunture.
5) Warm Up
6) Surya Namaskaram.
7) Sitting Asanas.
8) Standing Asanas.

After step 7 finish your yoga with prayer saying "OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI OM" three times.

Detailed Description about yoga steps:

You need to learn how mudras work in yoga. For each and every finger you have positions called as mudras. Let me explain one by one.
Any living body is made of 5 distinct elements :


These are not as per science's definition of elements but refer to the five building blocks that go into the formation of any living body. Several ancient

health systems are based on the concept of the balance of the five elements. Indian Medical science according to Ayurved and metaphysics affirm that

distortion or impairment of the 5 elements create outer disturbance and inner sickness in the body.
The 5 fingers of the hands represent these 5 elements :

The Thumb symbolises the Fire

The Forefinger symbolises the Wind

The Middle finger symbolises the Ether

The Ring finger symbolises the Earth

The Little or small finger symbolises the Water


First of all we need to make sure we sit in correct position while doing yoga means place your right leg on top of left thighs and sit straight. keep each mudra in your left hand one by one and simultaneously for each mudra, in your right hand bend your forefinger and middle finger and close your right side of your nose with your right thumb and inhale for 10 secs, then with your right ring fingerclose your left side of your nose and with your right side of your nose exhale for 10 secs and then do the reverse like inhale with right side of your mose and exhale with left side of your nose. This is one cycle. This cycle needs to be repeated for each mudra thus we complete our breathing exercise.

This exercise is to balance our body weight and thats why we prefer alternate breathing with either side of our nose.

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